Alma Matters! Virtual Networking Session with Alumni

March 10, 2022 took place the first event of this year organised by the Czech Republic Alumni program called „Alma Matters!“. The main aim of this virtual networking event was to connect Czech universities with their international alumni. The event took place on the interactive platform Hopin and the participants were able to write in the chat or participate by sharing their stories via microphone with camera.

At the beginning of the event, the members of Czech Republic Alumni welcomed all the participants that gathered at the main “Stage”, presented the benefits of the alumni program, and shared some news about upcoming events. After the initial word, the members of each University’s Alumni Clubs gathered with their international alumni in private online “Sessions” and spent about one hour together. At the end, all the participants came back to the main Stage for the final farewell. The event lasted one and a half hours.

In addition to the organisers, ten Czech universities, including the Prague University of Economics and Business, took part in the Alma Matters event. Members of the Alumni Centre VŠE presented their international alumni the news and upcoming events at VŠE, possibilities of collaboration with their Alma Mater, and invited them to become members of the Alumni Club VŠE. The presentations were followed by an informal discussion about the life and studies of international alumni in Prague.

On behalf of the Alumni Centre VŠE, we are very happy to take part in the event, which had a nice spirit. We are looking forward to participating in similar events, virtual or in person!


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