The biggest alumni event in the history of the Prague University of Economics and Business ended, and we sincerely thank you for returning to the premises of your alma mater.

We organized the VŠE Alumni Homecoming for you so that you could reunite with your former classmates and experience moments filled with memories, joy, interesting discussions, and cultural performances.

During the event, together with your family, you could enjoy a rich program where you had the opportunity to attend many captivating lectures by leading Czech speakers such as Martin Jahn, Simona Kijonková, Paul Cejka, Karina Kubelková, and many others. This was a  unique chance to learn about their career experiences and personal insights. Each of them had a unique theme prepared, related to their field of study and faculty, filled with interesting information. These exclusive lectures also featured plenty of networking opportunities and often sparked lively discussions.

Homecoming also featured an MBA/MPA program fair, which allows you to pursue lifelong learning even after completing your studies. In addition, the Informatics Center, in collaboration with the VŠE Library and its archives, prepared an exhibition of historical items of VŠE, where you had the chance to explore the building of the Prague University of Economics and Business.

We believe that each of you found something of your interest at this event and fully enjoyed your time with your former classmates.

Once again, we sincerely thank you for attending the VŠE Alumni Homecoming, and we look forward to reuniting with you in the future.