My Account and Profile Settings

By logging into the VŠE Alumni Portal, your personal account will be created. You can set up your personal information in the Profile Settings section. You can fill in your personal information, upload a photo, edit your contact email or change your password. In order to use all of the Portal’s features, we recommend that you fill in at least basic information such as your education and occupation.

You can also choose which type of news you are interested in by setting up your profile in the Subscription section. This will enable us to send you the emails that you will like to read. You can also set who can contact you with offers of education and collaboration.

In the Interest to cooperate section, you can select who can contact you for collaboration and what type of cooperation you are interested in.

Your profile is only visible to registered users. If you don’t want to see any part of your profile, you can hide it in the Profile visibility section.