University Alumni Centres of the Czech Republic got together

On Thursday, 23 February, the University Alumni Centres of the Czech Republic got together again. The group comprises representatives from several Czech universities who manage the alumni agenda. Specifically, these are alumni centres, career centres, and other departments with relevant competencies. The group was initiated by the VŠE Alumni Centre in November 2021, and a total of six meetings have already been held. Today, representatives from 14 different universities have met in an online environment. The main goal is to exchange know-how, inspiration and to inform colleagues about the situation in other alumni centres. This group represents a common space to share ideas, best practices and solution to problems.

The VŠE Alumni Coordinator, Bc. Michaela Strnadová, opened the meeting by welcoming the guests and then handed over the floor to the head of the VŠE Alumni Centre, Ing. Tereza Jiříková. Ms. Jiříková guided the participants through the main up to date events in the alumni department. She introduced the recent pilot event Alumni Bowling, and mentioned the professional lectures known as Alumni Wednesdays, representing a long-standing and popular tradition among VŠE alumni.

The opening speech was followed by presentation given by Ing. Mgr. Ivana Bauerová, the Career Coach and the Project Manager of the Alumni Club at the University of Hradec Králové. Ms. Bauerová inspired the participants with interesting alumni activities, such as Talkshow or various networking and social events. She also devoted her presentation to the communication methods with alumni, the function of ambassadors and the administration of the UHK Alumni Club.

The second presentation on the alumni agenda was given by Bára Uhlíková, DiS. and her colleague Ing. Jana Sommerová, who manage the Alumni and the Career Centre at the University of Chemical Technology in Prague (VŠCHT). The University is aware of the importance of keeping in touch with alumni, who are regularly informed about the news in the form of engaging newsletters. VŠCHT Alumni Club organizes for its alumni various reunions and invites them to interesting events on a regular basis. VŠCHT is also currently planning to organize silver and golden alumni ceremonies.

Both presentations were beneficial and inspirational. On behalf of the VŠE Alumni Centre, we appreciate the willingness of UHK and VŠCHT to share their experience with alumni programs with the other members of the group.

While planning the meetings of the University Alumni Centres of the Czech Republic, the Alumni Centre VŠE always encourages its members to come up with relevant topics and areas for discussion. Therefore, at the end of each meeting, there is a place for collaborative discussion, as well as questions. Today, we have reflected on the future functioning of this group, discussed the question of inviting external guests, and came up with the idea or organizing an in-person meeting. It is in the best interest of all members to keep meeting in the future and constantly move the alumni agenda forward. On behalf of the VŠE Alumni Centre, we believe the University Alumni Centres of the Czech Republic has been beneficial to all its members and alumni, and we look forward to the next meeting, which takes place in May 2023.

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