New service for alumni – meetings organization at VŠE

We want to introduce you to a new service that we bring through the VŠE Alumni Centre – the organization of alumni meetings on the premises of VŠE. We aim to create a space where you can meet former classmates, share your professional and personal experiences and make new contacts.

👥 Why this news?

Your connection with the Prague University of Economics is wider than the period of your studies. The new alumni service provides an excellent opportunity to meet your former classmates and establish new professional and personal relationships. If you have something to share, you can use our space to communicate your professional achievements, projects or experience since you graduated. The meeting format is up to you, whether it is an informal discussion or a formal presentation.

🏛 What can we offer you?

The VŠE Alumni Centre will handle all the necessary organisational matters related to the alumni meeting on VŠE premises. We offer you the space and equipment to suit your requirements. In case you want to organise a reunion but lack contacts of former classmates, we will be happy to contact alumni from your filed of studies and provide them with an invitation with information about the planned reunion. Also, we can organise University tours for those who would like to see how your Alma Mater has changed since you left. You will relive the atmosphere of the classrooms, library, gym and other places from your academic memories.

🤝 Why get involved?

  • Meet friends – reminisce about old times and share your experiences with those who were closest to you during your studies
  • Make new contacts – alumni reunions provide an opportunity to establish professional and personal relationships with your former classmates and colleagues
  • Discussions and presentations – you can present your projects and achievements and participate in open discussion
  • Explore the changes – reminisce about your student years and discover the new classrooms, modern technology and inspiring environment that VŠE offers

📧 How to sign in?

If you are interested in this service and would like us to arrange a reunion with your former classmates at VŠE, email and let us know your ideas. Please let us know the date, number of participants, or any special requirements, and we will take care of everything else.