Collaboration with VŠE: How can you get involved in collaboration as an Alumni?

How can you get involved in collaboration with VŠE? You have many opportunities for the cooperation with your Alma Mater, whether you are a recent graduate or a manager with several years of experience in the field, e.g.:

  • organise a professional lecture,
    1. for your classmates within the project Alumni Wednesday*,
    2. for the students as a part of teaching,
  • participate in the coaching / mentoring program and share your professional experience with the students,
  • supervising / opposing final theses,
  • collaboration with VŠE on the Research and Development,
  • become a member of the professional community,
  • participate in the networking events,
  • become a member of the faculty Alumni Clubs,
  • actively participate on organising the events for alumni within the Alumni board,
  • become an alumni ambassador of VŠE,
  • sponsorship of the activities for alumni.

*Alumni Wednesdays are professional lectures on interesting topics organised by VŠE in collaboration with the Faculties. These events take place every last Wednesday of the month during semester. After the lecture usually follows an informal networking with some refreshment.

In the Alumni Portal you can always set up your Interests to cooperate in your Profile settings. Here you can choose who can contact you for the collaboration: teachers, students or classmates. The Alumni Portal is a contact platform on which VŠE builds a network of alumni. It serves primarily to maintain contact with your Alma Mater and your classmates, and it supports collaboration as well.

Are you interested in getting involved in the collaboration? Contact us via email: