Alumni Meetup: First Meeting of International Alumni of Czech Universities Took Place in Sweden

Together with the Czech Embassy in Stockholm, Czech National Agency for International Education and Research organized the first gathering of international graduates of Czech universities.

May 12 the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Stockholm hosted the meeting of 50 Swedish graduates of Czech universities, Czech students who currently study in Sweden, representatives of the Czech National Agency for International Education and Research and representatives of the Czech Embassy in Sweden. Seven Alumni The ambassador Anita Grmelová gave the opening speech. She stressed the importance of building relationships with the graduates of Czech universities and expressed a wish for the meeting to become an annual tradition.

The Director of DZS, Michal Uhl, emphasized the significance of international experience for students and the enrichment it brings not only to individuals but also to the society as a whole.

“I believe that international experiences of individual people create bonds among countries that expand the opportunities for cooperation and future connections. Students don’t just make personal memories abroad: they create a relationship to the country and its culture. International students also make the society of the country richer, and after they come back, they continue to share their experiences in their home countries. I believe that thanks to these connections, we are creating a Europe full of cooperation and unity.”

During the debate part of the evening, Swedish graduates reminisced about their time studying in the Czech Republic, and a Czech student currently studying in Sweden talked about her experiences at a Swedish university. The connecting link of the discussion was the comparison of the educational systems of both countries.

Over 45 000 international students are studying in the Czech Republic for the entirety of the study programme. They make up over 16 per cent of all students of higher education institutions. Almost a thousand Swedish students have completed their studies in Czechia over the last ten years. Thanks to the Erasmus+ programme, up to 100 Swedish students come to Czechia to study each year thanks to the Erasmus+ programme.