INSIS login

Termination of studies at VŠE and its impact on university IS

Once a student has finished or interrupted his studies at the University of Economics, this will be reflected in the university information systems as follows:

  • Within a few hours, the ID card and the system access will be blocked

This means in practice that you will not be able to get to the Jarov college or to the parking lot where the ID card should be used.

  • The second day will be terminated the account in Menza

After that, it is no longer possible to buy food for the student price, but only for the full price.

  • After 180 days, your username and email aliases will be deleted on INSIS


After this time, you can only log on to INSIS using the ID number of the INSIS user (for example, in the People at VŠE section) and the original password. Only an email address in the form [specific id] @ remains operational, and messages are deleted from the inbox 30 days after delivery.


How to deal with INSIS issues

  • In case of any problem with the INSIS access please contact HelpDesk at address
  • If in INSIS cannot be found any function, please read the guide that can be found here
  • While experiencing any issues on INSIS please describe in detail what is happening and what had happened before. You can also attach screenshots and sent them to